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The Alexander Technique is really a philosophy. A paradigm for life. A way towards a more embodied experience. We must, as humans, learn to modify our behaviours in order to enhance our experience of life. There are, in that reasoning, many ideas that we can and should explore. The Instagram page is a sift through a myriad of ideas, things that we should be thinking about and ideas around what the Alexander Technique offers and explores.

On the surface, we fix back pain or deal with some abstract vocal problem. We improve breathing and enhance the respiratory mechanism. However, those sensitive enough to realise soon become a part of a more profound human journey. For in the Alexander Technique, there lie answers to more enduring questions and more challenging aspects of the human condition than muscular pain. The Alexander Technique encourages you to ask who and what humans actually are. We learn a new way to define ourselves and, therefore, our experience and relationship with life itself. Alexander has developed a technique to help us live life in a way that only millions of years of evolution have allowed. A new embodied human being is coming, and Alexander Technique is just the beginning of what will be a revolution in the human experience.

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Nick Chapman
Alexander Technique is a Mental Health approach.
Nick Chapman is very experienced at hands on work.
Nick Chapman is highly skilled at hands-on work.

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True story. It’s always been about the mind for me. Struggling with strong emotions and tidal stress all my life, the only system that ever really helped was this Alexander Technique. We are all in a position where we must look after our mental health. Everyone, without exception, so find something that really works.

Alexander Technique makes you feel amazing.