Alexander Technique Testimonials

Nick Chapman


To the Editor of the British Medical Journal

Sir, -In a review of Mr R. Matthias Alexander’s book Constructive Conscious Control of the Individual, which appeared in your columns on May 24, n1924, your reviewer wrote: “He (Alexander) would certainly appear to have something of value to communicate to the medical profession.”

We, the signatories to this letter, are at one with your reviewer in this belief. As the medical men concerned we have observed the beneficial changes in use and functioning which have been brought about by the employment of Alexander’s technique in the patients we have sent to him for help-even in cases of so-called “chronic disease”-whilst those of us who have been his pupils have personally experienced equally beneficial results. We are convinced that Alexander is justified in contending that “an unsatisfactory manner of use, by interfering with general functioning, constitutes a predisposing cause of disorder and disease,” and that diagnosis of a patient’s troubles must remain incomplete unless the medical man when making the diagnosis takes into consideration the influence of use upon functioning.

Unfortunately, those responsible for the selection of subjects to be studied by medical students have not yet investigated the new field of knowledge and experience which has been opened up through Alexander’s work, otherwise, we believe that ere now the training necessary for acquiring this knowledge would have been included in the medical curriculum. To this end, we beg to urge that as soon as possible steps should be taken for an investigation of Alexander’s work and technique, on his side he has given us an assurance that he is ready and willing to give us the benefit of his experience for the carrying out of any plan which those concerned may suggest, provided that in his opinion the plan is one that would make it possible for him to help us to the desired end. We are, etc.,

Bruce Bruce Porter

D. Ligat

R. Caldwell

J. E. R. McDonagh

J H. Dick

Peter Macdonald

Mungo Douglass

R. G. McGowan

H. Duffett

Adam Moss

C A. Ensor

A. Murdoch

W. J. Graham

F. J. Thorne


Harold Webb

Percy Jakins

A. H. Winchester

J. Kerr

The above rather old testimonial is now followed by Alexander Technique testimonials form the present day.

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More Alexander Technique Testimonials

Your good at this. Ray Davies, The Kinks.


The Alexander Technique just makes me feel so good. When I get to the first hole of a tournament, I just feel relaxed and ready to play. Throughout the round, I keep using the technique to keep on top of my game. It’s just brilliant. James Taverner.


Hi. I don’t know if you heard but I got re-elected. People said it was the best speech they have ever heard me do. So I just wanted to say a HUGE thank you for all your training. You said you would contact me in regards to the last session? Can we go ahead with one, please? My speech is on the NUS youtube page if you would like to see it. Thanks again. Usman Ali


Since I started with you I have not had any of my usual neck problems. They have just never come back. Matt Deal.


I have been having Alexander Technique lessons with Nick Chapman between February and June 2015. I had not suffered from back pain, however, I had terrible posture from sitting for long hours in an office and was really full of tension. I was always tired even after a nights sleep. Now my body is freer, my posture has improved and my breathing is back to normal. My energy levels have improved and I don’t feel constantly tired anymore. Nick has taught me how to manage stress in a really practical way.

Nick is great fun to work with, a great conversationalist, intelligent, articulate and sensitive.
I will definitely have more sessions with Nick. I have no hesitation in recommending Nick if you have back problems, headaches, stress or anxiety. Thomas.


I’m not good at writing Alexander Technique testimonials but Nick Chapman knows what he is doing. Dave.