Interviews by Nick Chapman

My father was a journalist. One of the most enduring images, that stays in my mind’s eye, is him standing there holding a BBC microphone, and pronouncing, ‘This is Patrick Chapman, in Paris.’ Golden. Just a great and impressive memory. There he was, in the 1970s, in that long coat with that wide grin. He was as happy and proud as I am to this day. But more than this. He was a conversationalist of the highest order. He could certainly talk the hind legs of a donkey. Lead a whole room to sit and listen. Tell stories of those who had told him stories. I’m like this. My brothers and sister are like this. That’s why we have this page. The Art of conversation is not dead. And here I will remember my Dad and follow in his footsteps. There will be many more Alexander Technique interviews and big chats. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.

This one about breathing is really interesting. Suzy is rather candid about her experiences and explains that it may have even been an orgasm that led her to become a breathwork facilitator.

Judith Kleinman talks about art and working with teenagers. Judith is a very popular teacher who works at The Royal Academy of Music and also The Royal College of Music.

Francis talks mindfulness and how it saved her from suicidal feelings. This video is lighthearted but to point. Help

with suicidal feelings.

Part One of Two Pedro De Alcantara is a maverick and creative musician, writer and Alexander Teacher. He will keep you on your toes. Enjoy.

Pedro De Alcantara Part Two and More Videos…