Alexander Technique

After careful study and development, Nick Chapman has developed a method for studying Alexander technique online.

Zoom lessons are now available. Other platforms are also available.

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Distance learning has become very important during the c-19 virus outbreak. With people locked down all over the world the computer has become the go-to place to meet and discuss and of course to learn. The Alexander Technique online has been thoroughly researched and practiced before it has been offered to paying customers. The results of this unique approach have been outstanding and now as part of a normal course of hands-on Alexander Technique classes, it is recommended to take the occasional online class. The process is one that enforces the student or pupil to work on themselves in a way that F M Alexander would wholly appreciate.


Thank you so much for my first online Alexander session.

After just one hour I feel much more open in my chest and lungs, my neck feels longer and generally I am moving with more fluidity.
Its a lovely feeling.

I will try to remember to say “no” and pause before doing an important movement like standing up, reaching for something or bending.
It is interesting how much we can adjust to ensure safe, comfortable movement of the body if we think a little more before we act.

I want to say how clear I found your instructions and how gentle I found your adjustments.
Just the right balance of correction and support.
Thank you.

I would love to do another class one day but for now, thanks again so much for letting me be your guinea pig for the online classes.
I gained a huge amount of learning in just one hour.

Tess Townsend