FM Alexander

Here is a short piece of Alexander Technique history.

F.M. Alexander was born in 1869 and as a young man had a successful career in the theatre. A devastating vocal problem brought his work to a standstill . When doctors advised him that there was actually nothing wrong with his voice, he concluded that it must be something he was doing that was undermining his vocal performance.

Alexander Technique History

FM Alexander

After an intense period of study and analysis the Alexander Technique was born. A complete system of re-education. Alexander had discovered certain fundamental truths about human behaviour, including the way we think, co-ordinate and move. Over a period of many years he developed a technique which not only eliminated his vocal problems but also brought about remarkable improvements in his general health.

Improving Ourselves

He realised that we could refine ourselves in fundamental ways that would improve our general health and ability to function. Applying his technique, we could not only feel better, but we could also actually increase our aptitude; we could, put simply, do things better!
He then started to teach his method to others. Alexander came to London in 1901 and continued to develop and teach the Technique in London and America until he died in 1955.
There are now over 2000 teachers worldwideFM Alexander