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The Problem of Workplace Stress

The Alexander Technique workshop has come about because stress has become a major issue in today’s workplaces. From doctors and nurses to office workers, many people are feeling overwhelmed and burnt out. This can lead to health problems, decreased productivity, and even lawsuits against employers.

The Need for Solutions

Organizations are increasingly recognizing the importance of employee well-being and are implementing stress management strategies. But how can we effectively address something as intangible as stress?

Introducing the Alexander Technique

The Alexander Technique, developed by F. Matthias Alexander in the 1890s, was originally intended to improve vocal training for actors and singers. However, Alexander’s work revealed a deeper connection between breathing, posture, and overall well-being. He found that many common problems, including stress, could be symptoms of poor coordination within the body.

Workshops for Stress Reduction

These workshops combine practical exercises with theoretical knowledge to help participants:

  • Reduce stress and improve well-being: Learn techniques to manage stress levels and experience a greater sense of calm.
  • Understand stress: Gain a clearer understanding of what stress is and how to prevent it from escalating.
  • Unwind from accumulated stress: Discover methods to quickly and effectively release built-up tension.

Benefits Beyond Stress Management

The Alexander Technique workshop offers a range of benefits:

  • Improved job performance: By managing stress, participants can perform their jobs more effectively.
  • Enhanced self-awareness: Develop a deeper awareness of your body and mind, leading to greater control over your well-being.
  • Increased productivity: Reduced stress and improved self-awareness can lead to significant gains in productivity.

The Alexander Technique Workshop Advantage

This technique goes beyond physical awareness. It emphasizes the connection between mind and body, creating a holistic approach to stress management. Through experiential learning, participants gain valuable tools that are difficult to explain in writing.

About the Instructor

Nick Chapman is a qualified Alexander Technique teacher with extensive experience in various industries, including healthcare. He has developed a comprehensive and accessible stress management program that builds upon the Alexander Technique.

You can learn more about Nick Chapman at The Alexander Technique Made Easy page (Click Here)

Ready to Learn More?

These workshops offer a practical and effective solution for reducing stress and improving well-being in the workplace. Contact us to find out how the Alexander Technique can benefit your organization.

Workshops and Prices

A.  Workshops cost £40pp

One-hour session Max 12

This workshop aims to relieve stress, and there is minimal learning involved. Participants will perform relaxation and will experience an increased sense of well-being and a reduced stress level.

B. Introductory Workshop  Cost £60pp

Two-Hour Session Max 12

This is an introduction to the Alexander Technique. It will establish a working method for reducing stress and develop ideas around movement habits that create stress and interfere with basic functioning.

C. Beginner and Advanced  Cost £60pp

2 x Two-hour workshops Max 12

In these two workshops, we can develop a deeper understanding of the technique and its application to stress. We are also able to begin to understand the implications of the work in productivity, learning how to move consciously, and avoiding stress and the risk of injury.

D. Complete course Cost £50pp

6 x Two-Hour Workshops

This is a fully comprehensive introduction to the Alexander Technique. All of the working methods of the technique will be introduced. A significant stress reduction will be noticed, and the participants will be taught a complete method for maintaining this reduced stress. Whilst also having learnt all of the techniques, participants should know how to apply the technique to everyday working life. Back pain and general muscular pain will be significantly reduced, Along with increased well-being.

Refresher courses will be available at a reduced rate for staff that have completed the six-week course.