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Alexander Technique News
Alexander Technique News

Alexander Technique News

Welcome to Alexander Technique news; hopefully, I can post here and let you know what’s happening in the world of the Alexander technique.


Alexander Technique Online

Yes, you read it right. Alexander Technique can now be learnt online no matter where you live.

Hip opsfail to improve patient mobility.

HIP replacement operations fail to improve the mobility of hundreds of patients. So says the journal Clinical Rehabilitation in a recent study. This is no surprise for Alexander Teachers up and down the country as hip problems are part and parcel of the problems they observe daily. Working on people, including themselves, over an extended period, Alexander teachers find that at one point, there will be a build-up of tension in the hip, usually the right one, in right-handed people. It is not symptomatic of bad hips but a general lack of freedom in the structure as a whole. We tend to use one sid of our bodies more than the other. This means that when you are standing on a train platform, your weight is pushing into the right hip. When you run (or walk), you put far more pressure on the right hip. Sometimes we can check, and we notice the right hip is really tense.


It isn’t necessary to rush out and go crazy down the gym or to develop a rigorous exercise regimen but to look at the anatomy as a whole and make sure that it is working in harmony with all the consecutive parts supporting each other. Surgery really is a last resort, and you should try and look after the hip before it’s just too late.

Before seeking an operation, try the much safer option of some Alexander technique lessons, and you may find that works much better and saves the debacle of unnecessary surgery. Even if you are due for surgery, contact your local teacher and get help first.

Location, location, Location.

Big news, the private practice is now in Hinchley Wood in Surrey. This is where teaching will be in the dedicated teaching room.

Currently, lots of teaching is still taking place in North London. But only as house visits. This is on Thursdays, every week.

Mondays are at an amazing new practice, I Moorgate, called the Physical Health clinic.

All addresses are on the contact page.