Alexander Technique London

Welcome to Alexander Technique London!

For over twenty years, I’ve been a professional Alexander Technique practitioner teaching right here in London. Physical Health is my private clinic located in a well-known part of Central London, famous for its bustling banking industry. This clean, quiet, and comfortable space offers a peaceful escape from the usual hustle and bustle of London streets. Alexander Technique thrives on one-to-one sessions, and the environment plays a crucial role. We welcome clients from surrounding businesses like Macquarie, UBS, JP Morgan, the Barbican Centre, and even the Barbican estate itself.

Our convenient location in popular Central London makes Physical Health easily accessible from anywhere in the greater London area, just a train or tube ride away.

Alexander Technique for the Barbican Estate.

Looking for Alexander Technique lessons in the Barbican area?

Look no further! Physical Health is a clinic in Moorgate, very close to Barbican. We offer one-on-one lessons to help improve your posture, manage chronic pain, and more. Plus, the Barbican area itself is a perfect fit for the Alexander Technique with its focus on posture and mindful movement. After your lesson, enhance your newfound body awareness by exploring the Barbican Centre, a cultural hub renowned for its architecture, art, theatre, and film. While there might not be another Alexander Technique studio directly in Barbican, Physical Health in Moorgate offers a convenient option, and the Barbican area provides a fantastic environment to put your learnings into practice.