Learn Meditation

I strongly believe that meditation is an important part of human development and that those who do not practice meditation are missing an essential part of life.

Meditation brings us back to ourselves in a way that allows us to experience life free from external stimuli that makes it hard for us to function in the best way possible for our well-being. We live in very stressful times. Money is a constant worry for most people, no matter how much they actually have. Relationships, however fruitful and joyful, bring stress. Working life can be a positive challenge but is often the source of great frustration. Through meditation, we can learn to respond to external factors with greater awareness, calmer and ultimately, an innate wisdom that is not only our natural birthright but an aspect of what it is to be a successful and happy human being.

One of the aspects of meditation that people find challenging is the actual sitting in an upright posture for an extended period of time. Using the Alexander Technique and Yoga relaxation, we can prepare the body and our minds to become comfortable before we meditate, which is the basic difference in this class. Very quickly, people who have not been able to meditate can do so.

The meditation practised is based on the Mindfulness of Breathing, which comes from Buddhist schools. Introduction to meditation class you would like to attend the next class or book a group class for your workplace or home, please call 07813 298257.