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Public Speaking
You don’t need to work hard to produce good sound
  • Public Speaking Workshop with Nick Chapman (Alexander Technique) & John Finn (Voice Coach)



Speak with clarity and confidence: with power and emotion: with influence and authority…..

Command attention with the power of your voice.
Learn to be more influential in any social or business environment.
Get your voice heard on the telephone, in meetings or presentations.
Communicate with confidence and conviction to make an impact.
Learn how to relax and release hidden tensions to unleash the real you.
Add colour and expressiveness to your voice.

-Explore a wide variety of public speaking topics.


Become a Public Speaker

Would you like to learn exercises that will reduce vocal strain, improve vocal range, variety, clarity and pronunciation? How would you like to gain and hold the attention of an audience? Would you like to make a positive initial impact and keep control of difficult situations? In this individualised and confidential one-day session you will determine the objectives and work on exercises to address your specific interests.

If you occasionally suffer from vocal strain or wish to discover your true vocal range and power then this course is for you. We will work together to improve your vocal projection using vocal techniques practised by actors by using various physical and vocal exercises in a relaxed atmosphere. Be prepared to relax, kick off your shoes and lie on the floor.

This course will enable you to:

Discover how and why we sound the way we do.
Understand the causes of difficulty with and implications of unhealthy voice production.
Discover how relaxation, breathing and vocal exercises can improve projection and clarity.
Look at the effects of posture and tension on vocal projection.
Take part in voice and articulation exercises.
Understand resonance placement and the effect this has on projection, clarity and range.

Group Price: £1500 (Max 10 people) Call The Perfect Line on 07813 298 257 to book a workshop.
John Finn is a professional actor who has worked in theatre ( touring, rep, West End ); TV ( Sons and Lovers, Eastenders, Coronation Street, Heartbeat, etc.); and film ( Unfulfilled, Guardenias ).
Along with his acting career John has developed a voice teaching career following an MA in Voice Studies at Central School of Speech and Drama. His work has been in drama schools, theatre, and business. In the business world he has undertaken various workshops in house and at Central School and at the London Business School. John specialises in one to one classes and feels it is important to build a rapport with his client to develop voice quality, strength, colour, freedom from tension and confidence building.

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