The Mental Game of Poker

Poker Hypnosis

Poker is a fantastic game which keeps you on your toes. It can be amazing when it all goes well. However, we all know Mr/Ms Tilt. S/he is a bad one and we do not like it one bit.

We need to do everything to prepare for this hidden menace. Poker hypnosis is one of the more effective ways to deal with tilt at the tables. We cannot just assume because we are aware of tilt, because we have studied our mental game that tilt will be kept at bay. It’s so complex. Hypnosis is just one of several layers you simply cannot do without.

You can listen to this either in a chair or lying on the floor. I prefer an upright position as I am not trying to relax. I am preparing to win.

Do not use whilst driving. Do not drive while playing poker.


Nick Chapman is an Alexander Technique teacher in private practice.

He qualified as a teacher at The Constructive Teaching Centre Lansdowne road in Holland Park and is a member of the Society of Teachers of the Alexander Technique. He holds the certificate for teachers of the F. Matthias Alexander Technique. He was trained by W.H.M. Carrington.and D.M.G. Carrington. W.H.M. Carrington studied with Alexander and was the most influential teacher in the country. He is now a legend. His wife Dylis was also his teacher and was just as influential.

Nick Chapman is employed by Merrill Lynch and UBS as the resident Alexander Teacher.

Nick Chapman has considerable experience in the treatment of a wide range of musculoskeletal, stress and anxiety related problems.

He worked with the Odyssey Trust, where he used Alexander Technique and other relaxation methods for the relief of drug withdrawal.

He also worked in nursing homes where the nurses found great benefits using the technique for stress and the management of various physical problems from maneuvering and handling high risk patients.

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