Alexander Technique Moorgate
Alexander Technique in the heart of the city.

Alexander Technique Moorgate

Physical Health is a brand new clinic right in the heart of the city, offering Alexander Technique Moorgate and a wide variety of other therapies. Moorgate tube is on the Northern Line and Chiswell Street is one of its most popular roads due to its proximity to the Barbican and Liverpool Street and many of the cities most important banks and businesses like Macquarie,     JP Morgan, UBS and the like.

Alexander Technique Moorgate

It is home to a host of cafes and coffee shops and boasts a great shopping centre too.

The Barbican Centre

Alexander Technique Moorgate
Within five minutes walk of the iconic Barbican Centre.

The Barbican is a great place to visit where you will find theatre and film with both music and art.

The building itself is one of the most interesting examples of the concrete explosion, when people got very excited about it’s’ (concretes) potential. It may not be as beautiful as Pugins’ gothic revivals or Gaudi’s’ Sagrada Familia, however, the aesthetic may not be the saving grace. It is a complex building with a sophisticated interior, which houses many interesting diversities.

Alexander Technique Moorgate. is very happy to be so close to this wonderful arts centre.

Why not have your lesson and then take your brand new body and settled mind for an interesting visit.

There is also a wonderful little music shop. Chimes music is full of sheet music and accessories for the tuneful

Liverpool Street


Alexander Technique Liverpool Street
Close proximity to Liverpool Street station

Teaching the Alexander Technique near to one of the busiest stations in London is great. Most people will pass through this station at some point and I am literally five minutes away.

Physical Health. 

The actual therapy centre is really nice. Recently decorated it is a brand new location. There is a wide variety of different therapies on offer. The Chiropractor is highly recommended by one of my existing clients. If you are looking to try the Alexander Technique for the first time. Give me a call and I can offer you a discount session if you mention this page. Just say the Alexander Technique Moorgate page.

Physical Health Clinic
Templeton House
33-34 Chiswell Street