Alexander Technique London

Teaching Alexander Technique in London for twenty years.

Alexander Technique London
Alexander Technique in the heart of the city.

Alexander Technique London has been around for almost 20 years. The opportunity to teach in London is one of the greatest gifts any Alexander Teacher could wish for. I have been working with such a diverse region and populous. This has been and continues to be fascinating and challenging in equal measure.

Walter Carrington

Alexander Technique London makes your first lesson follow the same format, a tried and tested lesson based on the practice of Walter Carrington. I first tried it twenty years ago. It has been so good that after all that time I still havn’t changed it.

A truly London practise

One of the most important and key elements of Alexander Technique London is that geographically it has been developed to allow everyone in London to find a good, experienced Alexander Technique teacher. Alexander Teachers must be prepared to teach the fundamental principles of this important technique. It is possible for anyone in London to find a suitable location where I teach.

The first and second lesson teaches inhibition and then from the third to the fourth we concentrate on  continuing development of inhibition whilst introducing the concepts of the psycho-physical, the primary control and direction. Once these have been mastered we focus our attention on directed procedures. We learn to walk in an Alexander Technique way. We also learn to lift safely and effectively and learn the all important position of mechanical advantage, The Monkey.

Alexander Technique London

Learning the Alexander Technique in London means you have access to a wide variety of activities to pursue. From the very heart of Westminster to the West End to Tower Bridge London really has so much to offer. I used to have lessons right along the river. That walk away from my lesson, feeling so good about everything must surely be why Alexander Technique London exists. Where else could I teach? Call me today and have a lesson in the Moorgate clinic in the heart of London.

Alexander Technique London.