Alexander Technique for Parkinson's

Parkinson’s UK Policy Statement Complementary and Alternative Medicines and Therapies

Alexander Technique is now recommended for Parkinson’s sufferers. The first time I treated someone for Parkinson’s was a long time ago when I had first qualified as an Alexander Teacher. Now it has even been recognised by NICE (National Institute for Care and Excellence). ¹

The research was carried out back in 2002

Using the Alexander Technique when suffering Parkinsons’ disease may ease your symptoms and help you to cope better with everyday tasks. This is because, although we have a medical condition that causes problems with our bodies, like everyone else, we can also learn to apply a different approach to using our bodies that will improve things and make us feel better. Those improvements happen in spite of the medical condition. Read here what happens in the first lesson.

Alexander Technique for Parkinson’s special offer.

The first introductory lesson will be half-price.

¹ Parkinson’s Disease in adults. July 2017.

²C StallibrassP SissonsP SissonsPeta Sissons Consultancy, London, UK
See all articles by this author; search Google Scholar for this author, C ChalmersFirst Published November 1, 2002, Research Article