Breathe easy!
Nick Chapman Alexander Technique

Are Breathing Techniques making you dizzy? Don’t worry, there is an amazing fix.

Learn to improve breathing.

There is no doubt that for some people extreme breathing techniques can be a real boon. If it works for you then great.

Most of us have very basic needs. We want to breathe in a way that works. Sadly, many people do suffer from breathing issues. Stress, mouth breathing, asthma, tension, abnormal sleep patterns, the list is endless.

Sometimes we all need to have a look at breathing. Find a way to be educated around breathing.

There are many myths around breathing, From breathing with the stomach to breathing with the diaphragm, it’s no wonder there is confusion. And bad breathing! The truth is we breathe with the lungs. But we need the rib cage to expand freely otherwise breathing becomes impeded and this, in turn, sets off a whole range of breathing related problems.

It’s hard to imagine that basic postural problems can have such a negative effect on such a simple requirement as breathing, but it really does. There isn’t a better way to improve breathing and learn proper breathing techniques, than having a good look at it with a fully qualified and experienced Alexander Technique Teacher.

DM me and we can jump on zoom and see if you could benefit from this versatile and far reaching work.

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Nick Chapman (STAT CERT)


Nick Chapman is an Alexander Technique teacher in private practice.

He qualified as a teacher at The Constructive Teaching Centre Lansdowne road in Holland Park and is a member of the Society of Teachers of the Alexander Technique. He holds the certificate for teachers of the F. Matthias Alexander Technique. He was trained by W.H.M. Carrington.and D.M.G. Carrington. W.H.M. Carrington studied with Alexander and was the most influential teacher in the country. He is now a legend. His wife Dylis was also his teacher and was just as influential.

Nick Chapman is employed by Merrill Lynch and UBS as the resident Alexander Teacher.

Nick Chapman has considerable experience in the treatment of a wide range of musculoskeletal, stress and anxiety related problems.

He worked with the Odyssey Trust, where he used Alexander Technique and other relaxation methods for the relief of drug withdrawal.

He also worked in nursing homes where the nurses found great benefits using the technique for stress and the management of various physical problems from maneuvering and handling high risk patients.