Using Alexander Technique to prime body and mind allows us to experience meditations many benefits much quicker and more efficiently. NC

Meditation is the single most important discovery of humankind. This is because people are generally trying to achieve happiness. Towards this end, people are highly motivated, but not necessarily wise to what could make them as happy as they would like to be. We continually make choices that are geared towards individual happiness, that are not helpful for ourselves or the planet. The current ecosystem depends for its survival on humankind evolving beyond rank materialism. Meditation is the single most important aspect of this eventuality, encouraging people to depend less on material resources and more on interior resources. Literally, a spiritual revolution that saves the planet. 

It is a scientific fact* that meditation is an integral part of human happiness. Many successful people meditate as part of their mental strengthening and discipline.**

My personal experience with meditation has been joyfully varied. My father was into zen meditation. When I got to 18, I started to explore meditation for mysedf. In Buddhist centres and yoga school I further explored different meditations. For me, it is the most wonderful thing to be someone who meditates. I want to inspire others along this path. Imagine a world where everyone had reached a level where meditation was normal. Imagine also the kind of people who never would meditate. 

One of the problems that prevents meditation is physical pain and discomfort. As an Alexander Technique practitioner I have developed a unique approach to meditation that could help you to cross over and become someone who meditates. We will find your perfect meditation posture that suits you. 

The other big problem is of course our own minds which are often too busy, too chaotic to consider meditation. This is also something I have developed a specific approach to. The unique approach I have developed is now available for the first time as a ten-session course. 

The Way to Meditation Course

The course will deal with potential pitfalls, allowing your first ventures into this experience to be inspiring. Too often people struggle because their first experiences are off-putting. Important issues are not dealt with effectively. 

Please feel free to contact me if you would like to find out more and book your totally unique and original course. Either individually or in a group. 

Available in your home or office or online.