This approach to walking and rotating the spine is a unique development and approach that I have cultivated over many years of practice. It is based on Dyllis Carringtons’ approach at The Constructive Teaching Centre. It’s so important to understand this work. Lack of spinal rotation is at the heart of so many debilitating conditions. Most entirely unnecessary.

The problem is that it is really important to twist. Walking and rotating the spine is super important. We do not like that word in Alexander Technique so we say rotate or even swing is okay. Especially if you play golf. Imagine if you could not turn in this way. You could not rotate your spine and look behind you. Your dancing would be wooden and robotic. Rotation is needed in every action that moves you from side to front simultaneously. Throwing a ball. Swinging a golf club. Even searching for something in your living room. You have to rotate. Only many people do not rotate. They stiff it out. Compensating in many debilitating ways for this lack of rotation. But they could do this rotation if they understood the basic concept. If they knew how to walk with rotation. This video will teach you. In yoga practice, there are many asanas that encourage all kinds of rotations; basic spinal twists, various types of flexion, extension, lateral flexion, head and neck, the list goes on. Not everyone has the time. This Alexander Technique approach will cut out a lot of effort. It may actually be more effective. This is due to the effect of creating more freedom, rather than the usual tension associated with most exercises.