This whole Alexander Technique Distance learning has really become quite natural and has taken off in surprising ways. I have recently had the opportunity to teach some of my online pupils using a hands-on method. It has struck me how improved they all are. Since online they have to do all the work on themselves, they have become much better at it. It is essential that they follow the principles and of course, they are at different stages in their understanding of this.

Alexander Teaching Distance Learning Approach

Interestingly, it has also had an impact on my teaching. The instructional aspect has become much more prevalent. We are, as teachers, often happy to work away and just natter. This can be nice. But someone, as often happens, said they had a teacher who didn’t explain much and she couldn’t see the point. She stopped. But only with that teacher. We often think that people feel that we are going on too much, and people do give us that impression. In the end, we are teachers and we have pupils. So the teaching is important and online Alexander Technique has been a boon to actual teaching. It is now probably best to inform pupils that they must partake in an online session.

Sensation Seeking

A lot of people are looking for a sensation high. This can be one reason for not liking online sessions and also for obstructing actual teaching, by talking too much in a lesson. This is obviously a disservice to both the Alexander Technique and the pupil. The objective of the Alexander Technique is not to give a sensation high. We can leave the lesson feeling great. However, that feeling is as elusive as the teaching can be. We must leave the lesson with an idea about how we can improve ourselves in a constructive consciously controlled way. Aware of the impact of our own efforts on the neuromusculoskeletal.
Anything less is not an Alexander Lesson.

Alexander Technique Distance Learning Difference.

With only our online guide to teach us, we are forced to forget about sensation and really knuckle down to some serious work on ourselves. Which of course, in the end, gives us more benefit than we ever imagined.

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