New report from The Lancet

It is now more important than ever to deal with stress. A new report published in the lancet has linked stress to heart attacks, angina and strokes. Through a heightened stimulus of the amygdala, which happens when we become stressed, signals are sent to the bone marrow which increases white blood cells, leading to inflammation of the arteries.

It has long been known that stress causes illness, we now know a little more as to the actuality, the cause of these illnesses.

It is now much clearer that we need to deal with stress as part of a healthy lifestyle on a daily basis, not just allow the build-up of stress and then take a weeks holiday diving off the great barrier reef. It won’t work, it’s too late.

Often when I ask people what they do to relax, to combat stress, they say things like; I watch television or I go for a run or read a book. It is true that these activities will help, but in light of today’s news, we need to understand the brevity of what we are dealing with. I have long since advocated relaxation as an activity, however, even this only goes so far.

One thing we know for sure, for most of us stress is a part of our lives and it isn’t going to change. The only thing that we can do is learn to deal with it at the source. It is possible to change our response to stress. Since the effects of stress are of a strong physical nature, the response cannot be limited to mental activity. That is important, however, we need a way to control our physical responses to stress. Keep breathing properly, ensure our muscles are not tightening, control our blood pressure, maintain our height, block the negative effects of stress on the physical body.

Alexander Technique

There are many ways to do this. If you don’t think you are very good at this, I recommend a course of Alexander Technique lessons.

This new research magnifies and highlights the importance of controlling stress in our lives. Don’t leave it too late to act on this knowledge and live to inspire others to do the same. Because we are all worth it!