Worries and anxieties can lead to mental health issues. If we let them get out of control. If we believe that what we are thinking is true. Everybody can at some time experience that things are not going there way, however, some people can allow the imagination to run away with itself and for example, avoid leaving the house because of a fear that leaving the house could cause a big problem (not even defining for themselves what that problem may be). Sometimes the problem can just be that a person is always worrying and just doesn’t stop thinking in a way that is detrimental to their well being. Whatever the problem, when we are allowing the mind to be used in a negative way this can lead to debilitating mental health issues.

So we need to apply some practical skills in order to control the mind. Firstly, we must try to observe reality and see if it really corresponds to our thoughts. The person who is anxious about leaving the house must really think and try to really see that there are no real problems. The problems are in our minds but they aren’t out there. The person who worries about everything must stop and see what is actually in front of them and respond to that rather than what is in their heads. Now, this is the reality part. To pull this off takes discipline. We really need to take control of ourselves in order to force this issue. Is there really any danger in leaving the house. Look out of the window-nothing there!

This is a simple concept-reality and discipline, but if applied over time we can really see the benefit. We can think reality-discipline at any time when we are feeling uneasy about something and when our worries in our minds are getting out of control.