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Welcome to the Alexander Technique forum. This forum is for everyone. Who knows what the Alexander Technique does, who uses it or who cares. Well here is where you can ask all those questions you were afraid to ask. The Alexander Technique Forum is a community that we hope will just keep growing. We have to spread the word. Let people discuss everything under the sun. Hopefully this forum will manage to become a resource for the Alexander technique, allowing people to find all the information and discussion they may not find elsewhere. It will be helpful for people to post as many new topics as they can think of and hopefully answers will grow out of these questions and we can really get some interesting threads that will be helpful for people.

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From time to time people get carried away, say the wrong thing. We all hate censorship. We all love freedom of speech. However, we reserve the right to throw people out of this forum if they are not spreading the love. This Alexander Forum is for everyone who wants to be nice and intelligent and say nice things to everyone else. That doesn’t mean it’s not about debate. Debate is great! Just keep the gloves on. Nick Chapman will share his expert advice and hopefully others with knowledge (not just opinions) will write some great stuff here to. So come on folks lets explore the whole goddamn subject in full.

Knee pain


Hi there, does the Alexander Technique help with knee pain?


Hi, Yes, it can certainly help with knee problems. Posture is a big issue for knees. But more important is realising that we can't use knees badly and expect them to hold out. The way we use a knee is very important. This you can learn in Alexander Technique lessons.


Thank you so much! Do you think that possible knee and hip replacements in one's future could be prevented by practising the Alexander Technique long term?


Almost certainly. There are people that use the technique who have been told to expect to have knee and hip operations by a certain age who are using the technique and avoiding operations. Quite a few problems that people have are only caused by bad use, leading to degeneration in the hip or knee.