This weekend do some relaxation exercises

Relaxation Exercises

You might not get this chilled but that’s what you are aiming for.

If you do one thing this weekend apart from the obligatory drinking to relax, do some kind of relaxation exercises. Sitting around watching television, hanging out in the pub or lounging on the sofa do not count.

Work is actually killing you. This is a fact. One that I sadly observe every day as an Alexander Technique Teacher. Through observation of the conditions of muscular tension in the body and often the energy levels that people bring to my practice, it is very troubling to think that people do nothing to counteract this heinous crime corporations have inflicted on their practically enslaved employees. And as the weeks go on, the tension builds up, as does the stress. Just one twenty minute relaxation exercise, done in the proper way can offset months of tension. Though in truth daily relaxation is essential.

We must be clear what proper relaxation isĀ and that is really important. Every neural pathway (99%) is connected to muscle. This means that every time you think or respond you tighten up. If you are responding to someone at work this tightening is fairly deep rooted. The relaxation exercise must be with you lying on the floor, preferably in the semisupine as this is the optimum position to bring about the necessary physiological changes, improved posture, breathing and muscular release.

Above all else we must not think. I know it is impossible but we must try! Listen to music that soothes, but listen, really listen. Use this to develop close listening skills. Take time out to listen to your breathing. Feel muscles relaxing, focus on them. If you really find this difficult you can buy my relaxation cd and be talked through a relaxation that is deep and effective. Find it here: Relaxation CD.
Whatever you do do some relaxation exercises and if you would like further information let me know.

I will write more on this subject next week. For now just try anything really. But do your relaxation exercises.

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