Alexander Technique and audition Technique for actors

Using a vast amount of experience and the Alexander Technique to develop your relationship to the piece both emotionally and physically, Nick Chapman will help actors like you reach the professional level of acting you aspire to.

The Alexander Technique really helps you to relax and  harmonize yourself.  Before embarking on being someone else we must first create a blank canvas. Far too many actors bring far too much of the things they don’t want to the part.

Using Alexander Technique we simplify our demeanor allowing us to be creative with our characters.

From a clear and relaxed  perspective  we can begin to build character, both physically and emotionally.

Nick Chapman has helped students of drama to achieve the goal of drama school but also more experienced actors to develop their auditions for  castings. Nick currently works at the School of the Science of Acting in Archway.

Working with a tutor/director can greatly enhance your acting work.

‘Working with Nick helped me get into drama school. My confidence grew and my creativity flowed!’ Nikki Chowen



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