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Alexander Technique London

Having taught the Alexander Technique for 15 years, I offer clients the confidence to know that they will receive the best possible experience the Alexander Technique has to offer.’
Nick Chapman

Alexander Technique London


Welcome and thank you for visiting the expert guide to Alexander Technique. I have been teaching Alexander Technique in London for 15 years. I have just started teaching at Physical Health in Moorgate. I also teach in North London and in Surbiton in Surrey. The technique will help you with back pain and most muscular problems. Through a process of re-education, you will learn how to combat long standing habits of bad posture, which effect health, performance and well-being. The technique teaches us to identify harmful habits which affect us physically, intellectually and emotionally.

Good posture is not just an aesthetic but a
fundamental expression of wellbeing at the deepest levels.
Nick Chapman

Back Pain: Alexander Technique can Really help

In 2008 the BMJ published a report into the Alexander technique and the results were highly conclusive. The Alexander Technique worked to solve back pain better than any other method.

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Alexander Technique Resources

This is Alexander Technique London, however, this website has many different resources to help you, if you would like to understand some of the thinking behind the technique please read on…

The first lesson is described in detail. Perhaps you suffer from insomnia. I did for many years before I discovered this work. You can find a brief history of F M Alexander or even me. If you would like to hear about other peoples experiences, please watch the testimonial videos.

Golf and the Alexander Technique

I am a keen golfer and currently work with PGA pro James Taverner, who is finding Alexander Technique very useful for improving his golf. If you’d like to improve your golf Alexander Technique can really do this in ways you could never have imagined. Just ask James.

I’m also working with the Hendon Golf Club: I play here regularly and teach the technique to General Manager, Pete Dickson, who was feeling a bit down on his golf… He said that after just one lesson his golf improved!


The Alexander Technique was invented by F M Alexander who wrote four books about his technique. The Alexander method is a far more effective way to deal with back pain than most systems. This is because it helps you to understand that most problems stem from our own behaviour both mentally and physically. Rather than depending on a practitioner to fix you, the Alexander Technique is a method of re-education. It teaches you to change harmful habits that interfere with the natural balance of the head, neck and back.

Most people start using the technique and find that after three or four lessons the pain is easing off. However, in more serious cases where other treatments have failed it may take longer to relieve the pain and stress. Over the years many people have realised that much of their muscular pain is also related to their emotional and psychological attitudes. The Alexander teacher subtly addresses these. If a person has a tension running deep over many years, it may take 30 sessions to start to shift the pain.

As a practitioner, I have never found a single person to continue for this many lessons and still experience pain. Sadly many people stop their Alexander Technique lessons before they have given it a chance to penetrate their own malfunctions. It is practically impossible to use the technique as described in F M Alexanders’ books and still experience pain. If this does happen I would recommend a course in therapy: it is bound to be psychological issues which prevent a person from moving on. Of course the exception is when a person has a debilitating medical condition. The simple fact remains that the majority of people simply need to address their own very personal issues. This is Alexander Technique London. Try googling your post code if you live too far away.